Ritmo Factory is a modern band performing original drum shows, engaged in rhythms from all over the world with Jakub Skrha at the head. As the founder, band leader, manager and lead percussionist, he gives direction to the whole project. Ritmo Factory also collaborates with the winner of StarDance Veronika Lalova and with the Brazilian singer and guitarist Santiago Ferreira. The band has shown off at a lot of great festivals. He also organized feature events in well-known companies, provided accompaniment for sporting events and much more.

Escola de Samba Brno is a Samba drum school available to the general public established by Jakub Škrha. He is also the lecturer and takes care of production and public performance of this “Batería”. At the moment it is the largest drum school in the Czech Republic.

Brasil Fest Brno is an international festival bringing the exotic atmosphere of Brazil and South America all the way to the capital of the Moravian region. The visitors can experience the authentic carnival parade, enjoy the concerts of various professional interprets from Brazil and its neighbouring countries and taste the specialities from the local South American cuisine. Jakub Škrha is the dramaturge and one of the executive producers of this festival.

Meinl Percussion is a well-regarded manufacturer, producing and distributing percussion instruments worldwide. Together with Ritmo Factory, Jakub Škrha is the endorser of the brand.
Meinl Percussion – Jakub Škrha
Meinl Percussion – Ritmo Factory

Anna K. is an award-winning Czech singer. Jakub Škrha has been collaborating with her and her team as an alternate percussionist on tours around the country.

Olympijské hry v Rio de Janeiru 2016 – Jakub Škrha was a part of the Czech Olympic team. He was in charge of the music dramaturgy during the Czech House opening ceremony and the drum show during the official welcome of the gold medalist Lukas Krpálek.

Drumpoint Slovakia is an international festival of drums and percussions dedicated mainly to Brazilian rhythms. Jakub Škrha assisted with organization and dramaturgy of this event and in addition he spent one year in the lecturing team corporately with his own teacher Gabriel

And much more

He has performed many concerts and drum shows in his career. He cooperated with the prominent Czech musicians such as Vojtěch Dyk & B SIDE BAND or N.O.H.A. He was responsible for many corporate parties and events in companies such as Zebra Technologies (IT) or Euro nářadí (hardware) and organized plenty of workshops and team-buildings (LEGO, Business Factory).